40 Trendy Nail Art Ideas

If you’ve been looking for artistic nail designs? Then you’re in the right place. These short nail designs are beautiful, and you’ll love to try them often.

If you love artistic nail designs, then you’re in the right place. These nail designs are beautiful, and you’ll love them anytime you’re looking to keep your nails short and beautiful.

These nails are a must if you have colorful and artistic nails. They’re beautiful and will fit any season or outfit. If you’ve been looking for quality artistic nails, then these are your go-to nail designs. In this post, we bring you some of the best artistic nails you can find. If you love nails with different colors, then these nails are right for you.

From short to long and medium nails, these are the nails you want to be rocking this season. They’re the ones people will see and never get over. These are some of the prettiest and most artistic nails. Without further ado, let’s check these nails out

40. Bright multicolored summer nail design

Source : @nailsby_gxx/

39. Brown design with brown swirls and square shape

Source: @elize_nails

38. Matte Pink and white almond design

Source: @_mejzi

37. Bright summer almond design

Source: @nailsbyheather.errington

36. Rainbow french tip design

Source: @thenaillologist

35. Matte brown design with long swirl

Source: @_MEJZI

34. Hot pink and white almond-shaped design

Source: @nailsbyharriet_

33. Bright purple swirl design

Source: @mynailgirlness

32. Black and white swirl design

Source: @theholynailuk

31. Shiny summer design


30. Pink and white art drip design

Source: @nail_sunny

29. Shiny orange and pink design

Source: @nailartbysofia_

28. Red, sunflower design for summer

Source: @chelsxonails

27. Matte purple and pink art

Source: @amanda.sudolll

26. Shiny dark red and orange design

Source: @the_gel_centre.

25. Purple stiletto design

Source: @dymenails

24. Matte Pink and white design with white swirl

Source: @merlin_nails

23. Black design with white swirl

Source: wehearit

22. Plain purple square design

Source: @mani_nail_

21. Summer nail art

Source: @zoemollienails.

20. Black and green swirl design

Source: alosbeautybar

19. Multicolored carpet design

Source: @nails.bab

18. Green french tip design

Source: @palmanailart

17. Hot pink and orange French tip design

Source: @kolormekarina_.

16. Pink and green swirl design


15. Green Swirl design with square shape

Source: @staceymachin

14. Blue nails with two shades and a round shape


13. Bright neon summer design

Source: @nailedbymil

12. Bright multicolored nail art


11. Long squared design with bright colors


10. Almond-shaped design with five color swirls

Source: @disconailsglasgow

9. Orange ballerina design


8. Almond-shaped colorant mixture


7. Barbie pink almond-shaped design

Source: @nailedbymil

6. Short, squared colorant mixture


5. Medium-sized Square design with swirls


4. Short stiletto colorant mixed


3. Oval-shaped sunflower design

Source: @thebeautyroombysara

2. Artistic beach night design

Source: @nailqueenie

1. Long, bright multicolored square design


The artistic designs on these nails are on another level. If you’ve never tried any of these art ideas, then you’re missing out. These are some of the prettiest designs you love to try for any season at all.

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