50 Short Nail Ideas

If you love your nails short and beautiful, then you’ve come to the best place. These short nail designs are beautiful, and you’ll love to try them out. A lot of people prefer short nails. If you’re one of them, then you’ll love the posts because we’ve got some of the best short nail designs.

If you love short nail designs, then you’re in the right place. These nail designs are beautiful, and you’ll love them anytime you’re looking to keep your nails short and beautiful.

These nails are short and pretty if you love your nails short and beautiful. These nails will fit any outfit or occasion of your choice.

50. Brown, blue, and orange design combination


49. Blue, white, and nude colored designs with square shape

Source: @magdula.es

48. Carpet, swirl, and butterfly design with almond shape


47. Round pink and nude French tip design

source: corrinnabianca

46. Pink and nude colors with gold glitter.


45. Green, orange, and nude round nails

Source: @____annails____

44. Grey, yellow and white swirl design


43. Blue and nude color with swirl design


source: baraandbeauty

42. Black square design with glitter


41. Shinny black square design


40. Plain matte brown with two shades

Source: @katiebelles_nails

39. Nude color with flower design

Source: @nailalamode

38. Multicolored flower design with almond shape


37. Plain black French tip design

source: _by_shelley

36. Round blue nails with different shades

Source: @nails.by.shni

35. Green, black, and white squared design with gold glitter


34. Blue and white carpet design with almond shape


33. Multicolored design with tiny almond shape

Source: manimomentsofjoi

32. Bright blue squared design with Grey glitter


31. Red, black, and white oval shape design


30. Plain red and nude color design

Source: mani.mama.mini

29. Blue French tip design

Source: lindseybeautylounge1

28. Light pink and black flower design

Source: @nailthenightin

27. Small, round oval nails with a dot design

Source: mir_dizaina_manikura

26. Round bright summer design


25. Bright, round summer colors design

Source: truebeautybycarrie

24. Hot pink color with black glitter

Source: @dipbyclaire

23. Shiny purple design with glitter


22. Plain round design

Source: @byleah.x

21. Green and white swirl design


20. Hot pink and nude color design with almond shape

Source: @v_rose_nails

19. Plain round red design

Source: @allnailss._

18. Round pink and nude color design


17. Pink, green and nude color french tip design

source: nailsnailsbudapest

16. Multicolored swirl design


15. Brown and gold glitter design

Source: @SIP_AND_DIP

14. Small brown fall design

Source: @____annails____

13. Shiny Blue and brown design


12. White and black leopard skin design

Source: @_BY_SHELLEY

11. Plain orange French tip design

Source: @_by_shelley

10. Round pink nails with red and white edge design

Source:  @mynailgirlness

9. Plain and round pink design


8. Cute emoji design with shiny red glitters

Source: @tiptoenailstudio1

7. Multicolored French tip design

Source: @anna.and.nails

6. Blue french tip design


5. Multicolored love design on French tip nails

Source:  @nails.by.iz

4. White and brown swirl design

Source: @brillbirduk

3. Small and round with three shades of brown


2. Round blue nails with glitter

Source:  @nailsbypaulin

1. Plain dark green design with round shape

Source: @gel.bymegan

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