Michael Okoh

Hello and welcome to everythingaboutthebest.com, where I explore art trends and feed them to my readers. I’m a blogger, freelancer, nail technician, and college graduate. If you love art trends, then join me on this wonderful journey, and let’s explore together.

The Idea Behind Everythingaboutthebest.com

I initially loved writing content. I’ve worked for many freelance companies and they all loved my writing, I often got great feedback, and that warmed my heart and I felt the need to do more so I created my own space where I’ll do what I love and that is how I started everythingaboutthebest.com

I love exploring art ideas. My whole life revolves around art. I still do some other jobs here and there, but my main priority is writing for my audience, and that makes me happy.

Thanks for visiting!

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